Vote with your wallet

Problem: We think that ballot papers enfranchise the populous.
In the UK, we have our say once every five years, we don’t get what we vote for, and continue our dissatisfaction with the system and living under bad policies for another five years.
But, oh well, at least we voted.


That is not what happens.
We vote every single day, almost every minute.
We choose the powers that be.

We choose the rich.

But we do so without thinking how they will use this power or even knowing who they are.
How do we do this?
We spend.
Every penny we spend goes to someone.
most of it isn’t going to a local business owner, a family income, a community, to address a problem, create something beautiful, or even eventually back to ourselves.
Every penny we spend goes to the heads or the small number of shareholders of the giant global corporations who make choices everyday that affect you, your family and friends, our natural habitat.

This minority paints the future.
And we ignorantly pass them the money to do it without a second thought.

You vote everyday with your wallet.
But do you know who and what you’re voting for? Do you care?

Helen Rule
8 May 2015

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