Silk Purse Track Listings

A Silk Purse from Pig’s Ear

  1. North Sea Holes
  2. In Safe Harbour
  3. The Winner’s Song
  4. The Miner’s Lifeguard
  5. A Florin a Day
  6. All in a Row
  7. Benjamin Bowmaneer
  8. Jolly Broom-man
  9. Rules of the House
  10. Sir Thomas Tildersley
  11. Sylvie! Sylvie!
  12. The Exciseman’s Brasle
  13. The Wind Blows
  14. The Execution of Montrose
  15. Cunning Old Traitor
  16. Poor Man’s Labour/ Hares on a Mountain
  17. Take Down the Walls
  18. Harvest Home
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