Now available for download Pig’s Ear first album A Silk Purse

We are excited to be bringing Pig’s Ear’s folk music to a wider audience with downloads now available on It’s ‘pay as you feel’ and all proceeds from sales go back into the Grant Rule Trust. The album ‘A Silk Purse’ is now available to download alongside their Christmas album ‘A Cracklin’ Good Christmas’.

 Download ‘A Silk Purse’ by Pig’s Ear

A Silk Purse was Pig’s Ear’s first album, originally released on cassette in 1991 and remastered on CD in 2001. It includes lyrics and tunes written by both Sue and Keith, with some of the band’s favorite traditional tracks and one from the acknowledged master, Ewan MacColl. As the band said in 2001, “We hope this bumper crop brings as much pleasure to the listener as its recording and performance has to us.”

Track 17 – Take Down the Walls


Silk Purse is also the name of the spin-off duo formed by Sue and Lyndsey Rule who still perform in pubs, clubs, bars and community events across the UK.

To find out more about the folk group Pig’s Ear click here or to download more of their tracks go to

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