GRT Welcomes New Trustees

These are “interesting times” for us all, and it’s an interesting time for the Grant Rule Trust as well.

The three founding Trustees, Sue, Lyndsey and Helen Rule felt that there was never a more important time than now to be working towards Cultivating Inclusive Communities. But with a new baby in the family and a heap of other commitments, we identified the need for help to take the Grant Rule Trust forward.

We are delighted to welcome two new Trustees to the Grant Rule Trust.

Peter Leeson and Paul Hookham both knew Grant in a business context. They share the same core values that Grant held and that have inspired the work of the Trust. You can find out a bit more about their business background and expertise from their LinkedIn profiles:

We have had several virtual meetings to discuss the future direction of the Trust and we are agreed that the priority is to develop our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a time of great change. It is alarming and unsettling as we come face to face with the fragility of things we thought to be solid and unchanging. But it is also a great opportunity to shape the system we all live and work in to value life, love and happiness in ways it does not value them at present.

To that end, we are inviting discussion from the Trust network on where the need is and where the collective expertise of the Trust, as well as its small fund of money, can best be put to use. We are looking specifically at how to “Build Back Better” with a focus on Sustainability, Wellbeing and Localisation. We will be looking to work with businesses, communities and individuals to develop this programme.

An invitation to what we intend to be the first in a series of webinar conversations will be going out shortly. To make sure you receive it, please subscribe to the GRT Mailing List at the side of this page.

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