Build Back Better Programme


The Grant Rule Trust is a member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

We will be setting our strategy by the principles of the Wellbeing Economy:

WEAll need…
1. Dignity: Everyone has enough to live in comfort, safety and happiness
2. Nature: A restored and safe natural world for all life
3. Connection: A sense of belonging and institutions that serve the common good
4. Fairness: Justice in all its dimensions at the heart of economic systems, and the gap between the richest and poorest greatly reduced
5. Participation: Citizens are actively engaged in their communities and locally rooted economies


The Grant Rule Trust will be seeking to use the knowledge and expertise within the GRT network to help businesses transition to sustainable business models, which embed Environmental and Social responsibility into organisational culture. 

We will be looking to collaborate on business transformation around the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. Creating a culture of Wellbeing in the workplace is a key part of delivering the transition to a more human and more sustainable economic model. 


We will be looking at ways we can help to consolidate the sense of community  triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of lockdown, and collaborate with others in building a culture of mutual aid. 

We’ll also be considering the importance of celebration to a vibrant community life, and the part the cultural sector has to play in building a positive ethos of hope and capability. Stories of our past feed into our ideas of who we are, and help us imagine who we might become. Arts celebrate beauty and truth, and show us things from a different perspective.  Crafts cultivate pride in skills and knowledge. And music brings us together in moments of shared emotion.