The Rise And Fall of Liberal Capitalism

“…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
(Shakespeare, “Hamlet”)

Contrary to what those of us on the Left are prone to thinking, liberal capitalism is not a many-headed monster spreading a black stain of death across the planet.

No, really. It isn’t.  …more

Winning the War, Losing the Peace?

I was born in 1955, into a world where we believed fascism had just been defeated. Britain and its allies had just fought a war against Nazi Germany; Hitler was dead. Fascism was dead.

But it wasn’t. It just went below the surface, and now I see it spreading like a quiet cancer through a generation who don’t understand where it can lead.   …more

Survival Is Not Compulsory

Read Sue Rule’s personal view of why she joined the Green Party.


Why We Can’t Afford Austerity

We should not be still having to march on the streets to raise the issue of climate change. By now, its a matter of economic necessity, not to say urgency. History will look back on the catastrophically blinkered, partisan, backward-looking politicians of this era in bemusement, and wonder why, when we still had the opportunity to mitigate the threat of climate change, we chose to run headlong in the opposite direction.         ……more

A Personal Message to the Labour Party

The Grant Rule Trust is a non-political organisation. However, Grant was a lifelong member of the Labour Party. Sue Rule offers a personal opinion on how Labour could re-shape itself to better reflect a 21st century democracy.

I believe the Labour strategy for the next election should be to spearhead a coalition of the left, not to try and out-Tory the Conservative party. ….more

Voting with your wallet

We vote every single day, almost every minute.
We choose the powers that be. We choose the rich.

But we do so without thinking how they will use this power or even knowing who they are.
 How do we do this?
 We spend…more

Reality vs. Economics

Somewhere along the line, “reality” has become synonymous with “economics”. People who advocate austerity etc. talk about being “realistic”.

I believe they are being anything but “realistic”.

The idea that money is the only reality is such a fundamental and profound lie that most of us don’t even question it. But economics is merely a model constructed by humans for the use of human society. It only works because we all subscribe to it…more

Sustainable Business

29 Qualities for Business Leaders to Create a Sustainable Society. An excellent article published in the Guardian Sustainable Business section – well worth a read.

St Clares Manifesto

The thoughts of Sue Rule and Andy Blackburn on a radical re-shaping of the electoral system.

Our premise is that party politics is no longer the best way of representing the disparate views of an educated electorate. As the “Mother of Parliaments”, the UK should be leading the way in re-shaping democracy fit for the 21st century.

Our thinking is that we should vote for policies, not parties. This would mandate MPs, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to deliver the policies the majority vote for. …more

Sustainable Societies

What does a “sustainable society” look like? How does it function? How far away from the ideal is the UK? What should we be doing – politically, economically, socially – to become more sustainable?  …more

Balanced Power

Grant was firmly of the opinion that the ’5 Capitals’ model represented a far more accurate and constructive way of thinking about economic power and the true nature of wealth.

The model states that wealth is comprised of 5 capitals:

1. Financial Capital
2. The Built Environment
3. Intellectual Capital
4. Social Capital
5. Natural Capital

Sustainable prosperity is created by managing all the capital flows (including financial capital, the crucial enabler) in balance. …more

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