The Grant Rule Trust was set up in 2012, to maintain the legacy of P. Grant Rule, software measurement guru, lean systems thinker, folk singer and man of many and varied interests.

Grant touched so many lives, influenced so many people. His song will be sung by generations who won’t even know who wrote it.

Shortly before he died, he was interviewed by Agile consultant Yves Hanoulle for his “Who Is…?” blog. View the transcript of the interview here: WhoWasGrantRule.


Grant Rule had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He always wanted to know how things worked, and took a magpie-like delight in picking up shiny nuggets of obscure information. He was responsible for numerous creative conversations, often between people who would not normally have had any connection with each other.

The Trust aims to keep such conversations going and build a collective vision for a better future.

“It’s Always Much More Complicated Than That…”

Grant’s engagement with a wide range of disparate subjects gave him a huge depth and breadth of vision. He knew progress was always more about learning from mistakes and asking the right questions than didactic insistence on pushing the “right” answers.

The Trust aims to help people ask the right questions and make better decisions.

Enjoy the Journey

Continuous Improvement + Respect for People are the two guiding principles which Grant believed would always deliver better outcomes from human undertakings. They sum up both Grant’s attitude and approach, and the principles the Trust applies to any undertaking.

The Trust promotes such thinking in business, politics, social enterprises and voluntary organisations, and seeks to eradicate wasteful management behaviours that squander time, talent and resources.

Contact sue.rule@grantrule.org to find out more or discuss how the Trust might support your ideas or projects.