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A Personal Message to the Labour Party

The Grant Rule Trust works with people of all political persuasions and none to cultivate inclusive communities. However, political leadership and strategy has a huge influence on uniting or dividing communities. This is why I believe the Labour strategy for the next … Continue reading

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Vote with your wallet

Problem: We think that ballot papers enfranchise the populous. In the UK, we have our say once every five years, we don’t get what we vote for, and continue our dissatisfaction with the system and living under bad policies for … Continue reading

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Reality vs Economics

Listening to the Today programme this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that somewhere along the line, “reality” has become synonymous with “economics”. People who advocate austerity etc. talk about being “realistic”. I believe they are being anything but “realistic”. … Continue reading

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St Clares Manifesto

Premise: Party politics is no longer fit for purpose. As the home of the “Mother of Parliaments”, Britain should re-invent democratic government for the 21st Century. How? Principle : Vote for policies, not parties. The level of political disengagement in … Continue reading

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What is balanced power?

Grant was firmly of the opinion that the ‘5 Capitals’ model represented a far more accurate and constructive way of thinking about economic power and the true nature of wealth. The model states that wealth is comprised of 5 capitals: … Continue reading

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Sustainable Societies

What does a “sustainable society” look like? How does it function? How far away from the ideal is the UK? What should we be doing – politically, economically, socially – to become more sustainable? When we talk about “sustainability” we … Continue reading

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