Instruments for sale

Instruments for sale or loan:

If you wish to purchase (or borrow) any of the instruments listed below, please contact . We are asking for donations to the Trust of whatever you can afford – money, time, talent, ideas or whatever. Guide prices indicate the estimated second-hand value of the instrument, but we would rather they were played and cherished than languishing in a cupboard. Buyers will need to collect the instrument from Edenbridge.

All the stringed instruments will need new strings:



6-string, steel strung folk guitar by Oscar Schmidt
with hard case

Guide price: £50 – £100

6-string, steel strung guitar

Guide price: £30 – £50

6-string, nylon strung classical guitar

Guide price: £15 – £30


Electric fiddle
with bow and hard case

Guide price: £80 – £125

3/4 size child’s violin, Chinese make.
with bow and hard case

Free to someone who can make use of it!


1 Bowl-back mandolin.

Guide price: £20 – £50