Free Range Folk

Who are Free Range Folk?

Pig’s Ear – Grant, Sue, Keith and Lyndsey Rule – used to get involved in a number of charity performances at local events and for local organisations.

To keep that tradition going, and on the basis that it took more than one person to to take Grant’s place, the remaining Piglets dreamed up the idea of ‘Free Range Folk’. Whenever some entertainment is required for a worthwhile cause, the available Piglets rustle up an ad hoc band (sometimes approaching a folk orchestra) for the occasion. With the result that a jolly fine time is generally had by performers and audience alike.

Free Range Folk performing at
Edenbridge Fairtrade event in March 2013

In this ensemble (left to right) are Sue Rule, Lyndsey Rule, Roger Resch, Keith Rule, Laurie Jeal, Bernard Oldfield, Alan Austen

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