GRT Music


The Trust aims to run three music events  during the year:

Spring Folk Show. On Saturday 7th March 2015, the Trust presents The Rise of Captain Swing, written by Bob Kenward about the riots which erupted in rural Kent  in the 1830s. Details and booking information to follow.

Summer Festival.  Pigs Ear Kentish Horse Folk Ale and A Dance for Grant.

Autumn Concert. The Grant Rule Memorial Concert takes place in the Edenbridge area, generally around the anniversary of Grant’s death in October. It features the kind of  folk music (mainly traditional) that Grant liked.


Silk Purse
Sue & Lyndsey Rule continue the Pigs Ear tradition

Free Range Folk
An informal consortium of Piglets plus assorted musicians and singers, Free Range Folk come together to make a joyful noise in support of other people doing good stuff

Live on the Border

Helping to promote live music around the West Kent Border including: