Books on Software Development

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Title Authors Pub date publisher
A Guide to the CMM Kenneth M Dymond 1995 Process Inc
A Guide to the CMMI Kenneth M Dymond 2004 Process Inc
A Process Research Framework Forrester 2006 SEI Carnegie Mellon
Agile Estimating and Planning Cohn 2006 Pearson Education
ami: A Quantitative Approach to Software Management ? ? Quarto Design
Applied Statistics for Software Managers Maxwell 2002 Prentice Hall
Assessment And Control of Software Risks Jones 1994 Yourdon Press
Build That Team! Smith 1997 Quest Toolbook Series
CMM Implementation Guide Caputo 1998 Addison Wesley
CMMI : Guidelines for Process Integration & Product Improvement Chrissis, Konrad, Shrum 2003 Addison Wesley
CMMI : Guidelines for Process Integration & Product Improvement 2nd edition Chrissis, Konrad, Shrum 2007 Addison Wesley
CMMI Implementation Embarking on High Maturity Practices Kanungo, Goyal 2004 Tata McGraw Hill
CMMI SCAMPI Distilled: Appraisals for Process Improvement Ahern, Armstrong, Clouse, Ferguson, Hayes, Nidiffer 2005 Addison Wesley
Configuration Management Kelly 1996 McGraw Hill
Controlling Software Projects: Management, Measurement and Estimation DeMarco 1982 Prentice Hall
Cost Estimation for Software Development Londeix 1987 Addison Wesley
Designing Knowledge-Based Systems Addis 1985 Kogan Page
Estimating with Mk II Function Point Analysis CCTA 1991 CCTA
Finance for IT Decision Makers Blackstaff 2006 BCS
Five Core Metrics Purnam, Myers 2003 Dorset House Publishing
Function Point Analysis: Measuring Practices for Successful Software Projects Garmus, Herron 2001 Addison Wesley
Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation Redmond-Pyle, Moore 1995 Prentice Hall
How to Write a Computer Manual Price 1984 Benjaming Cummings
Information Engineering for the Advanced Practitioner Hares 1992 Wiley
Introducing Riskman Methodology Carter, Hancock, Morin, Robins 1994 Blackwell
Introduction to the Team Software Process Humphrey 2004 Addison Wesley
Jackson System Development Sutcliffe 1988 Prentice Hall
JSP & JSD: The Jackson Approach to Software Development Cameron 1988 Computer Society Press
Managing Information Across the Enterprise Wysocki, DeMichiell 1997 Wiley
Managing Risk Hall 1998 Addison Wesley
Managing the Software Process Humphrey 1990 Addison Wesley
Measuring Organisational Improvement Impact Chang, Young 1995 richard Chang Associates
Measuring the Software Process: a practical guide to functional measurements Garmus, Herron 1996 Yourdon Press
Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering Kan 1995 Addison Wesley
Metrics in Software Evolution Mullerberg, Abran 1995 GMD
Object Oriented Design Measurement Whitmire 1997 Wiley
Object-Oriented Modelling and Design Rumbaugh, Blaha, Premerlani, Eddy, Lorensen 1991 Prentice Hall
Object-Oriented Systems Analysis Shlaer, Mellor 1988 Prentice Hall
Practical Implementation of Software Metrics Goodman 1992 McGraw Hill
Practical Software Maintenance: Best Practices for Managing Your Software Investment Pigoski 1997 Wiley
Practical Software Reuse Reifer 1997 Wiley
Principles of Program Design Jackson 1975 Academic Press
Principles of Software Engineering Management Gilb 1988 Addison Wesley
Professional Software Development McConnell 2004 Addison Wesley
Project Control for Software Quality Kusters, Cowderoy, Heemstra, van Veenendaal 1999 ESCOM/SCOPE
Project Control: The Human Factor Maxwell, Kusters, Van Veenendaal, Cowderoy 2000 ESCOM/SCOPE
Reckoning with Risk: Learning to live with uncertainty Gigerenzer 2002 Underwood & Underwood
Requirements Engineering Sommerville, Sawyer 1997 Wiley
Requirements Engineering & Rapid Development Graham 1998 Addison Wesley
Requirements Engineering Processes and Techniques Kotonya, Sommerville 1988 Wiley
Requirements-Led Project Management Robertson, Robertson 2005 Addison Wesley
Rethinking Performance Measurement Meyer 2002 Cambridge
Secrets of Software Quality Kaplan, Clark, Tang 1995 McGraw Hill
Sizing & Estimating Software in Practice Treble, Douglas 1995 McGraw Hill
Soft Systems Methodology in Action Checkland, Scholes 1990 Wiley
Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II Boehm, Abts, Brown, Chulani, Clark, Horowitz, Madachy, Reifer, Steece 2000 Prentice Hall
Software Failure, Management Failure Flowers 1996 Wiley
Software Inspection Gilb, Graham 1993 Addison Wesley
Software Metrics: A Practitioners Guide to Improved Product Development Moller, Paulish 1993 Chapman & Hall
Software Metrics: Establishing a Company-Wide Program Grady, Caswell 1987 PTR Prentice Hall
Software Process Assessment & Improvement: The Bootstrap Approach Kuvaja, Simila, KrzNIK, BICEGO, SAUKKONEN, KOCH 1994 Blackwell Business
Software Project Estimation Hill 1999 ISBSG
Software Quality Assurance and Measurement:  A Worldwide Perspective. Fenton, Whitty, Iizuka 1995 Thomson Computer Press
Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success Jones 1997 Thomson Computer Press
Software Requirements & Specifications Jackson 1995 Addison Wesley
Software Sizing & Estimating Mk II FPA Symons 1991 Wiley
Strengths Finder Rath 2007 Gallup Press
System Development Jackson 1983 Prentice Hall
Taguchi Methodology within Total Quality Wilson, Millar, Bendell 1990 Short Run Press Ltd.
The Associative Model of Data Williams 2000 Lazy Software
The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process Paulk, Weber, Curtis, Chrissis 1994 Addison Wesley
The IT Measurement Compendium: Estimating and Benchmarking Success with Functional Size Measurement Bundschuh, Dekkers 2008 Springer
The Jungles of Randomness: Mathematics at the edge of certainty Peterson 1998 Penguin
The Software Measurement Guidebook Software Productivity Consortium 1995 Thomson Computer Press
Ultra-Large-Scale Systems Carnegie Mellon University 2006 SEI Carnegie Mellon
UML Distilled: Applying the Standard Object Modelling Language Booch, Jacobson, Rumbaugh 1997 Addison Wesley
User Stories Applied Cohn 2004 Pearson Education