Manufactured Capital

“Any sufficiently advanced technology appears as magic to the uninitiated.” – Arthur C. Clarke 

In the context of the Trust, another word for “Manufactured Capital” could be “heritage”. It is all the infrastructure, buildings, systems and other trappings of human civilisation that past and current generations have created.

People working together can achieve great things. The tools we have developed throughout human history enable us in the 21st century to live increasingly complex and sophisticated lives.

Those lifestyles depend on us maintaining and continuously improving the infrastructure that makes them viable. The survival of the planet depends on us learning how to run our sophisticated societies more sustainably.

When making choices about who we are and what we aspire to be, we need to understand how to safeguard things of true value to ourselves and our fellow creatures. Sustainable societies understand the history and environment that has made them what they are, so they are better able to make informed decisions about how they shape their future.

The Trust advocates the value of our cultural and industrial heritage, and supports the sustainable development of effective infrastructure.