Information for applicants

The Grant Rule Trust aims to develop a diverse portfolio of small grants to community groups, individuals and small businesses/social enterprises that are contributing to cultivating inclusive communities and sustainable living.

The Trust will support fundees to realise the potential of their ideas, providing funds and advice/support where appropriate/applicable.

We aim to create a portfolio which reflects the Trust’s objectives and mission, and is balanced against all 5 capitals (Natural, Social, Knowledge/Intellectual, Financial, and Created/Manufactured).

Who do we fund?

The Trust will support individuals, community groups, civil society, start ups, small businesses and social enterprises that focus on:

  • community
  • environmental sustainability
  • music, creative arts and storytelling
  • knowledge and skills exchange with a community benefit in mind

Individuals are invited to discuss with Trustees a project they consider fits with the ethos of the Trust but may not fit neatly into the categories described.

General principles

We expect fundees to consider sustainability and ethics when using Trust funds, particularly considering how to reduce, reuse, recycle, support local economies, fair trade, and ethical employment practices, and carbon footprint.

The portfolio will focus on:

  • Grassroots initiatives that benefit local communities (wherever they are based)
  • Supporting inspiring individuals to access skills and opportunities that will support their efforts to benefit their communities
  • Folk music, creative arts, and storytelling at a local level, particularly supporting young people to access opportunities in folk and traditional arts. Includes an annual bursary to attend Folkworks summer school or similar.
  • Inclusivity – supporting initiatives promoting tolerance, respect and understanding within communities. For example, support to initiatives focused on welcoming refugees, people seeking asylum and immigrants.
  • Encouraging knowledge and skills sharing in sustainable living, different creative arts, community histories, practices, heritage and culture (focused on but not limited to local culture of the countries of the British Isles).
  • Environment and Nature – Supporting grassroots efforts to protect, preserve and use appropriately our natural environment and combat climate change, including efforts to encourage communities to adapt to climate change, reduce waste and cultivate better stewardship of natural resources.
  • Networks, Communications and Campaigns – Supporting campaigns, advocacy, communications and events that correlate with the Trust’s mission. Note: This excludes any political campaigning.

Types and Size of Funding

  • Seed funding or covering capital outlay for materials
  • Small grants
  • Short term small loans
  • Bursaries/funding for individuals to access skills

The Grant Rule Trust is a small charity, and will be looking for opportunities where a small investment of money can realise most value in terms of other capitals. No cap will be applied, however funding of over £500 for any one project/initiative will require in depth discussion. There is no minimum funding applied. Funds can be grants, or loans for repayment over 12 months.

Types of projects/initiatives (examples):

  • Events and Workshops
  • Community initiatives (eg. Guerrilla gardening, plastic free campaigns, beach cleans, etc.)
  • Capital resources (eg. materials for gardening, arts and music, marketing, for events such as gazebos)
  • Bursaries for short courses/workshops and/or travel expenses
  • Loans/grants as initial investments or small cash flow fixes to organisations that need to kick-start/reinvigorate their projects to realise their ideas.